Picture Books

  • Don’t Be So Sensitive, Mary-Jane!

    Will it take a slimy surprise for Mary-Jane – and everybody else – to realize that being Mary-Jane might just…

  • The Boy After Dark

    The Boy After Dark is the story of a boy who uses his creativity to bring joy and find himself…

  • Fishboy

    Fishboy features a boy who swallows an unusual fish and turns into…fishboy.

  • Plum Crazy

    Plum Crazy is the story of a practically perfect porcine who becomes unhinged when a new neighbor forces her to…

  • Lou the Ugliest Troll

    Can a vain troll find a way to be more than just an ugly face?

  • Rigalou The Snake Escapes

    Rigalou The Snake Escapes chronicles the pandemonium caused when a snake gets loose in an NYC apartment building.

  • The Power of Sour

    Can Foss, the pickler’s apprentice, harness the power of sour to keep Shrimpinghammers safe, and restore birthday razzmatazz?