The Wife

The Wife
April 9, 2019 admin

“I knew you would get uptight about this because you’re married,” hissed Claire.
“I’m not uptight about this because I’m married. I’m uptight because you seem unhappy. Which makes sense because you are alone and he’s in Bermuda with his family,” said Sylvie.
“You’re a bitch,” said Claire.
“You know what? I haven’t been a bitch but I can be a bitch: he’s never going to leave his wife.”
Claire hung up on Sylvie. They didn’t talk for three months, which was very unusual. Sylvie wanted to call Claire but she didn’t feel like she should have to apologize which she would have to do. Claire did not understand Bill’s life. She couldn’t. And Sylvie did. She just did. She too had a spouse, a house, children, in-laws, framed photographs, fifteen years of a life built with someone. You don’t just chuck it. You don’t. Even if you fall in love with someone else. Which, before all that, was a compelling reason to do just about anything. But that changed. And Claire couldn’t see it.

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Published in the Carbon Culture Review in September 2018.