The Possibility of Popcorn

The Possibility of Popcorn
March 17, 2018 admin

Can one small taste of something new – even a puffy, crunchy treat– change a world forever?

In the walled Kingdom Where Things Are As They Have Always Been, Josephine is a little…different. There’s the problem of her unusual eyes, her propensity to ask – gasp! – questions and her desire for more. None of which endears her to the all-powerful Minister of Maintenance. Or her Governess. Or, seemingly, to her own parents, the King and Queen. So when Josephine discovers a mysterious food not on the Kingdom’s ghastly menu that ignites her imagination, her curiosity puts her in peril. Faced with forgetting forever, she dares to do the impossible and escapes.

But will Josephine and her dramatic dragonfly friend Nacio survive the rapture of the roses, the lethal spells of the silver sorceresses or the stormy shallows of the Lagoon of Doom? Will they be able to stay one step ahead of the bumbling Maintainers, the beast Mongo and the sinister Minister himself? Will they ever make it to Popcornucopia and find more of the elusive edible? Most of all, can a salty-sweet spark inspire a ten year-old girl to become the hero her Kingdom needs?